NCHC Committees are crucial for discussion and action on a variety of important topics related to honors education. The annual committee meetings that take place at NCHC's Annual Conference are open to all members - so pick a topic you are passionate about, and see how you can get involved this year!

For complete committee rosters and information on how to join a committee, click here to visit our member portal!

TitleChair / Co-Chairs
Advocacy Committee

Naomi Yavneh Klos

Assessment and Evaluation Committee

James Ford

Gregory Lanier

Awards and Grants Committee

Kate Bruce

Tracie Burke

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

George Mariz

Data Use Policy Committee
Jack Shelley-Tremblay

Diversity Committee
Lisa Coleman

Alan Oda

Malin Pereira

Finance CommitteeSteven Engel

Joanie Sompayrac

Honors Advising CommitteeJessica Roark
Lisa Schwebel

Honors Semesters Committee

Alix Fink

Sara Quay

International Education CommitteeKevin Dean

Kim Klein

Large Research University CommitteeMark Law

Rhonda Phillips

Major Scholarship CommitteeLucy Laufe

Christina McIntyre

Partners in the Parks CommitteeKathleen King

Christina McIntyre

Personnel CommitteeJerry Herron

Portz Fellowship CommitteeDon Rosenblum

Tamara Valentine

Professional Development CommitteeLynn Preston

Laurie Smith-Law

Publications BoardLinda Frost

Jeffrey Portnoy

Rusty Rushton

Research CommitteeJerry Herron

Patricia Smith

Science and Mathematics CommitteeKeith Garbutt

John Korstad

John Dilyard

Small College CommitteeDonna Menis

Teaching and Learning Committee

James Ford

John Zubizarreta

Two Year College CommitteeElaine Torda