Place As Text Faculty Institutes

NCHC Honors Semesters are offered regularly to invite honors students nationally into a credit-bearing learning experience away from their own campus to sites abroad and in the United States.

Each year, the NCHC Honors Semesters committee also sponsors multiple faculty institutes. These institutes provide professional development opportunities for faculty interested in understanding the underlying design and assessment principles of this form of active learning. Participants gather for exercises in site-specific, place-based learning, and workshops to learn how to design adaptations of NCHC’s projects for their own campus or for foreign-study sites.

What is City as Text™?
Sometimes called CAT, and broadened into Place as Text to encourage applications of this approach to active learning in various settings, City as Text™ refers to structured explorations of environments and ecosystems. Designed as on-going laboratories through which small teams investigate contested areas and issues in urban environments, or competing forces in natural ones, these exercises foster critical inquiry and integrative learning across disciplines. A mini-version of this approach is included at NCHC’s national conferences.

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