National Scholarships

There are a wide variety of major national level scholarships that highly engaged, passionate Honors students should consider. Many of the ones listed here require a university endorsement. For many colleges and universities this process is managed through Honors. Other institutions may have a separate Major Scholarships / Fellowships office that advise students and organize the process. Regardless there is a strong connection with Honors and these national and international level opportunities.

For those individuals who specifically advise students for these national level awards the National Associate of Fellowship Advisors is a supportive community and an organization that would be worth considering. The Scholarships and Fellowships at a Glance guide is a great resource for advisors.

The NCHC Major Scholarship Committee welcomes anyone currently working with or who wishes to learn more about these opportunities to join our committee meeting at the national conference. Additionally we are intentional about offering both faculty and student focused presentations each year at the national NCHC conference.

Joe Schall at Penn State has several great online resources for students struggling with crafting their essays and for recommenders crafting a strong letter of recommendation. The 2016 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education is a must read for students seeking letters of recommendation.

The list of opportunities below is not comprehensive and we would welcome suggestions to continue to grow this list.

For more information about scholarships, check out the Major Scholarships Committee page.