HONORED: April 2017



Applications Now Open - Thousands in cash and prizes available!

  • Portz Scholars Competition
    (closes Friday, June 2)
    $350 Scholarship, paid conference registration, and featured session at conference
    Read the story of a past honors student and Portz Scholar, who now works with Funny or Die in LA!


Visit Atlanta this fall with NCHC, and you'll experience...

  • Hundreds of sessions and workshops for honors, by honors! Learn from national experts and colleagues as they share best practices and collaborate on topics for the whole honors communitiy: administrators, faculty, staff, and students included!
  • A thought-provoking and inspiring plenary session from Bryan Stevenson, a criminal justice lawyer and social justice activist.
  • A history-making partnership with the NAAAHP (the National Association for African American Honors Programs) for our plenary speaker, and for joint museum tours at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.
  • Exploration of the theme, "Just Honors": How do we teach "justice" in honors? How is it part of our community, and what are we doing in terms of studying the history of justice? How do we foster the conversation about civil and social justice?
  • Sponsors and vendors sharing information about graduate program and internship opportunities, classroom technologies, honor societies, study abroad excursions, and more!
  • A new view of the city of Atlanta, through excursions by Partners in the Parks and City as Text
  • Networking with old friends and new colleagues, to grow your community of honors professionals and contacts!

...and that's just the beginning!

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Call for 2017 Student Moderators

Students – we need you!

Have you ever wanted to be able to tell a faculty member or honors director that their time was up? If so, you will enjoy being a Student Moderator at the 2017 NCHC Conference in Atlanta!

Honors Directors: If you would like your students to participate as student moderators for General Sessions at the 2017 NCHC Conference in Atlanta and be included in the program, please submit the online application by August 1, 2017. Students will receive information about their responsibilities and will be expected to contact the presenters of the sessions to which they have been assigned.

If you have any questions about the Student Moderators or submitting a candidate, please contact Jack Rhodes at rhodesj@citadel.edu.


Graduating Soon?

For only $35, you could be a student member of NCHC and proudly wear the green & gold cord representing your national commitment to honors education! Contact the NCHC Office to JOIN TODAY and get your cord in time for May or December commencement!

Coming to Atlanta this fall? Your membership also entitles you to apply for NCHC Student of the Year, one of NCHC's biggest student awards!

For the cost of a tank of gas or a couple large pizzas, you could make a personal contribution to building honors education everywhere, and get some cool perks along the way.

More details on how to join right here!

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Explore the Great Outdoors this Summer!

2017 Partners in the Parks opportunities are filling up fast! Only 3 spares remain for the following projects:

Each year the NCHC Partners in the Parks committee develops projects in national parks across the country. These projects bring small groups of honors students into our nation's most beautiful and unique natural spaces for experiential education unlike any other. Students can take advantage of exciting recreational opportunities offered in the National Parks, along with seminars led by university faculty and park personnel that include historical, scientific, and cultural themes. But students don't get to have all the fun – The Bryce Canyon faculty-specific project lets members experience the thrill of a PITP project with an in-depth look at the hows and whys of experiential education.

Click here for more information on the 2017 Partners in the Parks projects and registration!