2022 Election

The updated candidates for your 2023 NCHC Board of Directors are listed below. Additional candidates for multiple positions were nominated from the floor at the 2022 Annual Business Meeting, held at the NCHC Annual Conference in Dallas. Please see below for all changes to the 2023 slate of nominees.

If you are a current member of NCHC, and are listed as the contact for your institution, you will receive an email invitation to vote on November 30, 2022. Elections are held by an independent vendor, Big Pulse, and results are vetted through NCHC's accounting firm, HBE.

The 2022 Election will open on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, and close on Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

If you have questions concerning this vote or process, please contact the NCHC office at nchc@unl.edu

2022 Ballot Proposal

In addition to selecting leadership, there is one additional proposal that requires the attention of the voting membership. At the Summer 2022 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors moved the following:

Motion 28: Amend by-laws to lower the cost of lifetime professional membership fee to $1000 by sending it to the general membership for a vote in December 2022.

Lifetime Professional membership in NCHC, currently a $3,000 fee, affords one individual access to NCHC membership benefits regardless of current institutional membership. NCHC Benefits (including member discounts on events) do not apply to additional faculty/staff/students under Lifetime Professional Membership without an Institutional Membership.

Office of Vice President

(vote for 1)

James Buss of Northern Kentucky University has withdrawn his candidancy for 2023 Vice President.

Office of Treasurer

(vote for 1)

Keith Garbutt of Oklahoma State University has withdrawn his candidacy for 2023 Treasurer.

Board Candidates At Large

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Student Board Candidates - 2 Year Position

(vote for 2)

Student Board Candidates - 1 Year Position

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