When you join the National Collegiate Honors Council, you become part of an international community of educational institutions, professionals, and students who are passionate about advancing honors education. NCHC is the oldest and largest organization made up of honors educators and students. Its members know that honors is as diverse as the campuses we serve, and that diversity gives you both a global perspective and a unified voice to support honors right where you are - in your classroom and on your campus. NCHC membership gives you connections and tools you won't find anywhere else!

Institutional Membership Benefits

Did you know that roughly 65% of all honors programs in the United States are members of the NCHC? With nearly 900 institutional members, the National Collegiate Honors Council is the leading professional association for those who provide college-level honors education. When your institution joins NCHC, you'll receive:

Connection to a National Honors Network

  • Direct communications from the NCHC Office about honors-related opportunities and trends in national and international honors education
  • Immediate access to the NCHC Publications Library, including scholarly journals and monographs containing the latest honors-related research
  • Online access to members-only content and discussion forums that connect you to a worldwide network of honors professionals
  • Research, toolkits, and other NCHC resources to support, build, and advocate for honors programming
  • Opportunities to participate nationally on NCHC Committees or the NCHC Board of Directors
  • Voting rights in NCHC Elections
  • Access to an honors-focused job board to search for and post job opportunities
  • Digital content library with templates, guides, and resources to implement in your honors program

Robust Professional Development Opportunities

  • Discounted access to workshops on teaching/learning issues, assessment,evaluation, and other topics run by experienced honors professionals
  • The support of a carefully designed program review process that can help enhance your honors program or college
  • Opportunities to establish mentor relationships with national and international leaders in honors education

Extensive Year-Round Opportunities for Students

  • Sharing work at the national conference, networking with other honors students, and specialized training in fellowships
  • Participation in signature experiential learning programming like Partners in the Parks and Honors Semesters experiences
  • Competition for national awards that recognize student achievement
  • Service as a member of the NCHC Board

Honors Visibility on the National Stage

  • Opportunities to publish honors research in peer-reviewed journals or present research at national conferences and workshops
  • Ability to submit your honors accomplishments for recognition & celebration on a national and international stage
  • Advocacy for your program and its resources through national survey data and individual NCHC Program Review and consultation opportunities
  • Use of the NCHC Member logo on your honors website

Funding Support for Honors Research & Initiatives

  • Scholarship and fellowship opportunities for students participating in NCHC member programs like Partners in the Parks, Honors Semesters, and annual conferences
  • Faculty Awards and Recognitions for distinguished service to honors education
  • Grant support for programs engaging in NCHC Program Reviews or other innovative honors activities

Individual Memberships

Unlike Institutional memberships, Individual memberships apply benefits to a single person. Compare below to see what's right for you!