NCHC Ron Brandolini Award for Excellence at a Two-Year Institution

This award, presented by NCHC and the Valencia College Foundation, recognizes a two-year college honors director or faculty member for their outstanding contributions to the honors community. The selected winner will receive $500, along with an engraved plaque. The award will be presented at the NCHC Annual Conference.

Ron Brandolini, who passed away on June 27, 2012, was the founding director of Valencia College’s honors program in the 1980s, serving in that capacity for 20 years. During that time he recruited top students and teachers for the program, elevating the program’s stature throughout the country. Ron was a frequent presenter at NCHC conferences and a session leader for Beginning in Honors for many years. He served on the Executive Committee and the Two-Year College Committee as well as serving on the conference planning committee for at least five years. Ron also served as the president of the Florida Collegiate Honors Council.

Please complete the application below to nominate an outstanding honors director or honors faculty member for the NCHC Ron Brandolini Award. The application requires detail about contributions to teaching in honors and involvement in honors beyond the home institution. A total of three letters of support, from the applicant’s institution as well as faculty colleagues or students, are required.

Please consider applying or nominating a deserving honors educator. NCHC is committed to recognizing our two-year college colleagues who strengthen honors education.

2023 Winner

Dr. Alannah Rosenberg, Saddleback College

Jeffrey Portnoy

The National Collegiate Honors Council announces Dr. Alannah Rosenberg of Saddleback College as recipient of the 2023 NCHC Ron Brandolini Award for Excellence at a Two-Year Institution. This award recognizes a two-year college honors director or faculty member for their outstanding contributions to the honors community. Dr. Rosenberg, founder of the Saddleback Honors Program over 20 years ago, has had an enormous and far-reaching impact on the quality and growth of honors education throughout California and beyond.

Director of Honors through May of 2023, Rosenberg, “has maintained a program that embodies the highest principles of honors education,” says Dr. Kay Ferguson Ryals, a colleague of Dr. Rosenberg and former director of honors at Irvine Valley College. “The Saddleback program is built around a vibrant Humanities Core sequence entitled ‘Culture, Science, and Society.’ Administrative support for such an interdisciplinary, team-taught, thematically based course sequence is rare in community college, which often values expediency over exploration and which must take into consideration the realities of transfer and articulation. The success of the Saddleback Honors Program thus speaks both to the respect afforded Alannah by faculty and administrators and to her own principled vision of honors education. She is herself an extraordinary teacher, whose own lively intellect and diverse talents inspire students and colleagues alike. In recognition of her contributions to Saddleback College, she was recognized as 2014 Teacher of the Year.”

Dr. Rosenberg has been an active participant and leader within the NCHC community. She has served on the Two-Year College Committee for many years, and is a current member of the NCHC Board of Directors. Providing many presentations at NCHC Annual Conferences over the last 15 years, she has shared with others her expertise in subjects such as promoting undergraduate research, forging articulation agreements, creating capstone courses, and developing best practices in honors pedagogy, particularly through the lens of a two-year institution.

Alannah is equally respected for her leadership at the state level of honors education, as she has been instrumental in both defining and implementing the goals of the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) where she has served on the Conference Committee and as Chair of Transfer Relations since 2013. Ryals shares that, “in this capacity she has carried out duties of negotiating honors transfer agreements with four-year institutions in the state and across the country. These agreements bring enormous benefits to the students at all HTCC member colleges. She has formalized agreements with several elite colleges throughout the country and has created a website devoted to HTCC transfer. All honors students and directors in the state are in her debt.” Other HTCC colleagues included that “Alannah is the embodiment of the proverb ‘to go far, go together’ – because of her, we have all gone further than we could have alone.”


2024 Nominations open March 1, 2024 and close June 15, 2024.

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