NCHC Award for Administrative Excellence

The role of administrative professional in an honors office is essential for handling both day-to-day operations and long-term projects. Jacks and Janes of all trades, whether it be refilling the Keurig, assisting their director with assembling a timeline, consoling a discouraged student, or making the entire office laugh in a meeting--administrative assistants do it all.

Many administrative coordinators and assistants have dedicated decades of hard work and commitment to ensure the standard of honors education is carried on within their own respective programs—and have helped to maintain a great relationship among NCHC institutions. We are pleased to offer member institutions the opportunity to ‘honor’ the dedication, hard work, and commitment of these individuals.

The 2020 NCHC Award for Administrative Excellence recipient will receive an award at the Annual Conference in Dallas this November, and recognition in conference program to thank them for their service and commitment to honors.

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Past Winners

2019Lanita Addison, University of Central Arkansas
2018Stacy Wanta, St. Norbert College

Coralee Young, Ball State University


Donna Andrews, University of Alabama Birmingham