NCHC Fellows

NCHC Fellows Award

NCHC Fellows are distinguished individuals who have given substantial time and energy to furthering the cause of honors education. Their years of dedication and leadership, paired with recognition on their home campus for outstanding honors teaching, make them invaluable sources of knowledge in the honors community.

NCHC members are invited to nominate those who have made a national impact on the honors community for distinction as an NCHC Fellow.

Factors considered for nomination include:

  • NCHC, regional, and/or state honors organization leadership
  • Scholarly activities relating to honors education
  • NCHC, regional, and/or state honors special events, institutes, etc.
  • Recognition for outstanding honors teaching on the home campus
  • Assistance provided to other honors programs/colleges (site visits, consulting, etc.)
  • Demonstrated record of sustained commitment to honors education
  • (3) Nomination letters: in order to be considered for the Fellows distinction, candidates must be nominated by three (3) current NCHC professional, student, or institutional members, only one of whom may be from the same institution as the candidate.

2020 Class of Fellows

Linda Frost

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

What is your favorite NCHC memory?
There truly are too many to even imagine distilling them down to one. Pub Board has been my NCHC home since I joined and it's allowed me to maintain and build incredible relationships. My PIP experience in the Rocky Mountains was singular and led me into more truly life-changing friendships. Working on the Board became another amazing way to connect with my honors besties through work we all care so much about. And every conference is, I swear, a family reunion of honors colleagues, past and present work colleagues, and students--current and past too. NCHC is one huge happy memory for me and more in the making.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?
Beyond some pretty tricky curriculum revisions, advocating for UReCA, and who knows how many letters of rec written and students in trouble consoled, I would have to say that it is being whatever it is we've all had to be in order to do anything really right in this very difficult historical moment.

Mary Beth Rathe

NCHC Executive Director

What is your favorite NCHC memory?
Working with the talented staff during conferences, I think the best memories are those in the room where it happens. The 50th Anniversary conference & gala were monumental, both for the history and the unique experiences planned for the event, including HR 360 recognizing 50 years of NCHC. On the other side, casual conversations with NCHC members, times when the passion for honors education and the desire to collaborate with others across the organization led to projects or programming through the national office that others continue to find instrumental to the NCHC identity.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement?
Since nothing is ever really achieved alone, I'd hope that to date the most recognizable achievement is our ongoing, strategic work to create efficiencies in the processes: from finances and resources, to the transitional work for virtual and equitable access. Specifically, my personal singular achievement has been the compilation of data from more than 35 program reviews, giving NCHC a picture of a single year of reports, driving some of the current programming and advocacy tool development.

2021 NCHC Fellows Nominations

Nominations will be accepted January 25 - March 1, 2021.

Please use the form below, or at this link.


Kyoko Amano (2019)

Larry R. Andrews (2012)

William Atwill (2016)

C. Grey Austin (2011)

Richard Badenhausen (2010)

Elizabeth C. Beck (2010)

Gary Bell (2010)

Patrice Berger (2015)

Irmgard Bocchino (2012)

Bernice Braid (2010)

Ron Brandolini (2012)

Earl Brown (2015)

Margaret Brown (2015)

Kate Bruce (2010)

Catherine Cater (2011)

Ira Cohen (2010)

Lisa L. Coleman (2012)

Richard J. Cummings (2012)

Lydia R. Daniel (2010)

Freddye T. Davy (2012)

Joan H. Digby (2010)

Steven Engel (2018)

Ted Estess (2012)

Barry Falk (2016)

Linda Frost (2020)

John Grady (2012)

Annmarie Guzy (2015)

Jerry Herron (2018)

Bonnie Irwin (2010)

Jocelyn Jackson (2011)

Melissa L. Johnson (2018)

G. Hewett Joiner (2013)

Kathleen King (2015)

Carolyn Kuykendall (2013)

Jennifer Lane (2010)

Greg Lanier (2010)

Donzell Lee (2010)

Ada Long (2010)

George Mariz (2014)

Virginia McCombs (2012)

Dail Mullins (2010)

Mary Kay Mulvaney (2015)

Timothy Nichols (2019)

Rosalie Otero (2010)

Anne Ponder (2012)

Jeffrey Portnoy (2010)

John Portz (2011)

Alison Primoza (2011)

Ann R. Raia (2013)

Mary Beth Rathe (2020)

P. Brent Register (2013)

Jack Rhodes (2012)

Jessica Roark (2014)

Rae Rosenthal (2018)

James Ruebel (2015)

Hallie Savage (2010)

Samuel Schuman (2010)

Rick Scott (2011)

Ricki Shine (2012)

Charlie Slavin (2011)

Laurie Smith Law (2018)

Art L. Spisak (2019)

Robert Spurrier (2010)

Elaine Torda (2013)

Lothar Tresp (2016)

Norm Weiner (2012)

Marca Wolfensberger (2013)

Len Zane (2015)

John Zubizarreta (2010)