NCHC Sam Schuman Award for Excellence at a Four Year Institution

“Teachers need to love their subject matter,
and they need to love their students,
and they need to love bringing them together.”

-- Dr. Sam Schuman

NCHC is pleased to present the Sam Schuman Award for Excellence at a Four Year Institution. Presented to an honors program director or faculty member at the NCHC Annual Conference, this award serves to recognize those who are making outstanding contributions to the honors community at four year institutions.

Samuel Schuman, who passed away on November 11, 2014 left a legacy as an accomplished scholar, professor, and administrator. As the author of “Beginning in Honors” and an annual presenter at NCHC conferences and workshops, Sam exemplified the spirit of honors education and was passionate about sharing his love of honors with his students and peers. NCHC and the honors community owe Dr. Schuman their continuing gratitude for all that he contributed to the growth and development of honors.

Schuman Award winners will receive an engraved plaque along with $500 for the honors program to be used at the discretion of the director. The winner will be announced prior to NCHC's Annual Conference and awarded at the event.

2018 Recipient

Dr. John Zubizarreta, Columbia College

Professor of English and Director of Honors and Faculty Development at Columbia College in South Carolina, John has been active in honors at the local, regional and national levels for over two decades. He held the four-year series of NCHC offices from 2008 through 2011, serving as president in 2010. He has been elected to three terms on the Board of Directors, where he held a seat through 2016. He has also chaired the Teaching and Learning Committee and is currently a member of the HIP editorial board as well as an NCHC-Recommended Program Reviewer.

In addition to being a nonstop mentor and consultant, John has delivered well over 30 keynote addresses on campuses in this country and beyond, not counting numerous other plenary speeches, and has had about the same number of engagement as an invited workshop leader. In recent years he has been instrumental in establishing collaborative projects, workshops, publications, and Institutions with honors scholars in the Netherlands. He has some 60 or more publications, including 10 in NCHC journals and monographs, two of which he co-edited. Finally, he has delivered some 300 conference presentations, many at NCHC and SRHC conferences.

John is known nationally and internationally in the field of assessment as an expert on teaching and learning portfolios, a subject on which he has published a book (The Learning Portfolio: Reflective Practice for Improving Student Learning, 2004; 2009), authored many articles, and given numerous presentations at conferences and campuses in this and other countries. His other publications include the NCHC monograph Teaching and Learning: Perspectives on Teaching Academically Talented College Students (2008) and articles on topics ranging from T. S. Eliot to Facebook.

Contributed by Dr. Ada Long, Emerita Professor of English and Founding Honors Director at University of Alabama-Birmingham


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