Story Slam

We know the NCHC community is FILLED with stories, and now it's your turn to take the stage and tell us yours.

On Friday night at NCHC18 in Boston, we'll gather for the first ever NCHC Story Slam and celebrate the great storytellers among us! Inspired by The Moth, this event will bring selected NCHC'ers up on the main stage to compete for a special prize and, more importantly, bragging rights as the first-ever NCHC Slam winner.

Your Time to Shine

Story Submissions will open August 3... so take the summer and practice your delivery! You can find excellent tips for honing your skills on The Moth's website. Here are the NCHC Rules you need to know:

      • Stories must be on theme: “Teaching & Learning in Honors” (e.g. classroom disasters; student hijinks; powerful learning moments; professors gone wild; inspirational honors moments; honors abroad; stressing about honors; honors parents; the dog ate my paper; etc.).
      • Stories must be true (nonfiction), and your story to tell.
      • No notes or props allowed, stories must be told and not read.
      • Discrimination, bullying or harassment of any type are not allowed.
      • Be sure to stay within the specified time allowed (minimum of 4, maximum of 5 minutes).

Selected submissions will be notified in late September, and will deliver their story to the conference audience on Friday night. Slammers will also meet with our emcee, author and storyteller Andre Dubus III, during the NCHC18 Conference for a practice session to rehearse their story.

Story Slam FAQs

How do I submit my story?
The link to upload your story will go live on this page on August 3. After clicking on the link, just tell us a little about yourself and attach the URL link to your 4-5 minute story slam (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Drop Box, etc.).

If I’m practicing and get a good recording, what type of file do you need?
You can save to various formats for submission; YouTube, Twitch, Face Book, Drop Box, etc. When you submit your story, just include the URL for online viewing by the judges.

If I’m selected to work with Mr. DeBus, how will that affect the timing of my conference presentation?
Accepted storytellers will be notified in September after judging; practice sessions with Mr. DeBus will be scheduled with presentation commitments in mind, but may require a shift in your presentation time.

If I’m a student, do I need faculty permission to approve the story or apply?
This is your story to tell, so pre-approval is not required; however, submission confirmation will be sent to your director to confirm conference attendance, if you are selected.

Is conference attendance mandatory? If I’m in the Boston area can I just submit a story and be part of the Slam?
Sorry, only NCHC Conference attendees can be selected as storytellers. Register for the conference and check out all the other great offerings!

Is there a dress code for storytellers?
Be comfortable, yet appropriate for the stage - this is your time to shine!

Who is judging the story submissions?
All uploads will be reviewed by the NCHC staff for content guidelines and overall presentation. A team of judges will select a total of 6-8 stories to be presented at conference. These same judges will select the Judge's Favorite from the stage at the Annual Conference.

Will the judging be done anonymously? Will storytellers be publicly voted off?
This isn’t America’s Got Talent - no red X’s will be displayed! Be confident that sharing your story with the NCHC community will be appreciated and enjoyed. Tell your story on stage is already winning - you get a one-on-one workshop with Mr. DeBus to hone your skills, after all! Judges will simply announce winners at the conclusion of the Story Slam event, and an Audience Favorite will be selected by applause.

How will NCHC use these stories after the event?
NCHC may use recordings and photos of the Story Slam event for future conference promotion. All presenting storytellers will be asked to sign a release for use of their photo/video/story performance.

What Makes a Good Story?

Come with a strong beginning, middle and end.

Your voice and body are your instruments; presentation is important.

Impress your audience with your unique observations and words.

Paint a clear scene along the way and draw your audience into your story.

Practice, practice and practice some more. Know your story well.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself!


Stories accepted through Sept. 7, 2018

To submit, complete the form below or at this link