54th NCHC Annual Conference | November 6-10, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Many educators speak of the innovation or “creativity crisis” currently afflicting U.S. education: a lack of these qualities in faculty pedagogy and student experiences. If creativity and innovation have lost their places in education, but are deemed necessary, can honors provide solutions?

As honors faculty, students, and staff, can we use creative ideas as a means to unlock our preconceived notions and complacency? To apply creativity to all aspects of education, thinking, and life? Our plenary speaker, Lynda Barry, is an acclaimed cartoonist, author, playwright, and professor of Interdisciplinary Creativity at the University of Wisconsin’s Institute for Discovery. She suggests that everyone is innately creative, and will offer techniques to reconsider our current patterns and re-imagine them in new and slightly different ways.

Honors must continue to disrupt and eschew the routine of education and seek creative means to challenge ourselves, our peers, and our students. New Orleans, a city known for its creative and innovative approaches to everything from education and environment to music and food, will provide the backdrop for our explorations!

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Join us in New Orleans to discover how honors, creativity, and innovation intertwine at NCHC19!

  • Hundreds of sessions and workshops for honors, by honors! Topics for administrators, faculty, staff, and students
  • Sponsors and vendors sharing information about graduate program and internship opportunities, classroom technologies, honor societies, study abroad excursions, and more
  • A new view of the city of New Orleans, through excursions by Partners in the Parks and City as Text™
  • Networking with old friends and new colleagues, to grow your community of honors professionals and contacts
  • CAT: New Orleans Master Class: An opportunity for faculty with prior City as Text™ experience (through a Place as Text Faculty Institute) to engage in an intensive exploration of New Orleans prior to the 2019 Annual Conference. (November 3-6, details here)

Plenary Speaker: Lynda Barry

Lynda Barry has worked as a painter, cartoonist, writer, illustrator, playwright, editor, commentator and teacher and found they are very much alike. The New York Times has described Barry as "among this country’s greatest conjoiners of words and images, known for plumbing all kinds of touchy subjects in cartoons, comic strips and novels, both graphic and illustrated."

Barry is currently Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Creativity, Director of the Image Lab at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, and the Chazen Family Distinguished Chair in Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.