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2019 Conference At-A-Glance

(updated October 16, 2019)

2019 Conference Program PDF

(updated October 16, 2019)

Presenters: The deadline for presentation changes has passed. Any further requests, if approved, will be made in digital format only.

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2019 Digital Scheduler

**Tip: You can log in to save your schedule on the web, and then sync to your mobile app! Changes to your app schedule cannot be synced in reverse to the web scheduler.**

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1. Download “Grenadine Event Guide” from your app store.

2. Use Code: nchc19 to download the conference guide. (If you still have the app from 2018, go to “More Options > Switch Conference” to put in this year’s code!)

3. Customize your own schedule: simply put in your login information or create a new user to save!