58th NCHC Annual Conference | Chicago, IL | November 8-12, 2023

Updated (humanity instead of fraternity) from the motto first heard in the French Revolution and codified by the Third Republic, this theme should allow all of us to look at topics important not only to our students, but to all academics - even to our nation as a whole. Consider, what does liberty mean? How important is liberty? How do we exemplify liberty in our colleges and universities? In the same vein, what is equality? Do we truly espouse equality in the US? If so, how can we improve on our record? Are our institutions bastions of equality or only egalitarian when the public is looking? Finally, do we care about humanity? Do we put others before ourselves? Do we work to make a better world for future generations? How can higher education improve tomorrow’s world by actions today? Or do we really care about tomorrow?

- Eddie Weller
NCHC23 Conference Chair