The schedule for NCHC24 is now live! You can now explore a majority of the sessions, workshops, and presentations offered at this year’s conference! A few items that are yet to come include: Fine Arts/Performance Workshops, Student in Honors Consultant opportunities, Sponsor and Grad Fair information, and plenary speaker details.

Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change as affected by speaker/presenter needs, availability, and any venue considerations. Keep an eye on the schedule for the most up-to-date information.

Conference At A Glance Schedule

tentative | updated May 22, 2024

Full Conference Schedule

NCHC24 Mobile App

Not only do we have the schedule for NCHC24 live, the conference mobile app is also available to download so that you can start planning out which sessions and presentations you want to attend.

As the conference draws near, the app will be your hub for the most up-to-date information about schedules, featured content, and other helpful details. Our schedule and some content will be available on the web version, but the app will provide a much cleaner and more customizable experience.
Sample image of the NCHC24 Conference Guidebook App.

To access the conference app, download the Ex Ordo app from your preferred app store, then input the passphrase (nchc24).

(Click Find Guides in the lower navigation menu of the Ex Ordo app, then click the "Have a Passphrase?" button above the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.)

App Tips and Tricks

To see all conference events chronologically, and grouped by topic/track, tap on Sessions in the app menu. Tap the + to the right of the session listing to add each event or session group to My Schedule.

Quick Guide to Sessions v. Presentations

  • On the web schedule, some events in the schedule may appear duplicated. Note whether the listing is a Session or a Presentation.
    • Sessions are tracks, themed by Signature Program or Keyword
    • Presentations are the individual presentations inside that session.
  • Adding the Session to your schedule will add all presentations within that session track; Adding the Presentation will add just the single presentation to your schedule.
  • Be sure to click into the Sessions to see the presentations listed inside!
Sample image of the NCHC24 Conference Guidebook App Sessions Submenu..