Conference Theme

Harmonizing Heritage:

Elevating Honors Education through Culture, Capital, and Community Engagement

Kansas City Public Library - Downtown Branch

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) proudly invites you to our national conference, set against the backdrop of Kansas City's rich history. Under the theme "Harmonizing Heritage: Elevating Honors Education through Culture, Capital, and Community Engagement," we will explore the equation of History, Diversity and Creativity in honors.

Kansas City’s culture of Blues and Jazz exemplifies metaphors of American mourning and redemption, with a melding of cultures reflecting the improvisational and innovative impulse of honors education. It was the Kansas City Railroad that reunited America after the Civil War and created a regional hub for commerce, culture, and new communities. Baseball, an American tradition experienced true diversification by way of including Negro League players and eliminating racial exclusivity. Kansas City is a true intersection point for American history and culture, and it exemplifies the true nature of honors education – a radical confluence of people, ideas, traditions, and experience.

Join us on October 30 as we harmonize heritage, infuse excellence into honors pedagogy, and empower our students to become informed, engaged, and impactful contributors to our ever-changing world. Together, we'll elevate honors education to new heights and inspire a generation of thoughtful, dynamic, and socially responsible scholars.

Conference Date: October 30 - November 3, 2024

Conference Program Submission Highlights:

Cultural Inquiry and Honors Pedagogy:
Dive deep into the cultural significance of Baseball, the Railroad, and Jazz in Kansas City's heritage. Explore innovative ways to integrate these cultural touchstones into honors curricula, fostering interdisciplinary and multicultural learning experiences.

Economic Insight and Honors Curriculum Development:
Analyze how the economic impact of these historical elements has shaped Kansas City and the nation. Discuss strategies to incorporate real-world economic perspectives into honors coursework, preparing students for dynamic careers and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Community Engagement and Honors Program Advancement:
Examine how community engagement, inspired by the spirit of unity in Kansas City's history, can enrich honors programs. Share successful models of community-based learning, research, and service that empower honors students to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Leadership and Ethical Responsibility:
Explore how the lessons from Kansas City's past can inspire ethical leadership among honors students. Discuss ways to instill a sense of responsibility, empathy, and social justice in the next generation of scholars and leaders.

Global Citizenship and Honors Education:
Consider how the conference's themes align with the broader goal of preparing honors students to be global citizens. Discuss strategies for incorporating global perspectives and cross-cultural competency into honors curricula.