Partners in the Parks

Partners in the Parks is an outdoor experiential learning program coordinated by the National Collegiate Honors Council. PITP projects at national parks across the country offer unique opportunities for collegiate honors students and faculty to visit areas of the American landscape noted for their beauty, significance and lasting value. Our first project, at Bryce Canyon National Park, was organized in 2007 as a 2016 Centennial Initiative Program with Cedar Breaks National Monument as the sponsoring park unit. Since then we have sponsored 100 projects at 50 different parks for over 1,000 student participants. Seminars led by university faculty and park personnel will include historical, scientific, cultural, and other important areas unique to a given park. Projects will also take advantage of exciting recreational opportunities in the parks to broaden participant's understanding of the overall value of national parks to our country and its citizens.

Due to member support, NCHC offers scholarships for every PITP project sponsored by NCHC!

2021 Projects

We understand that COVID-19 may raise concerns regarding travel and event attendance. At this time, NCHC has not planned any in-person summer trainings through August 2021. More information can be found here.

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