CCSSE Honors Consortium


Open Call for Participation in the 2020 CCSSE Honors Consortium

We are pleased to announce a call for interested parties at NCHC two-year degree member institutions to join the Honors Consortium for the spring 2020 administration of the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). The CSSE is a well-established and widely utilized tool that assists community colleges in their quest to engage in sound educational practice and identify needed improvements in student programs and services.

This project, organized by a special working group of the NCHC Research Committee, offers participating institutions the possibility of comparing honors to non-honors students on every item in the standard CCSSE survey, which asks about institutional practices and student behaviors that are highly correlated with student learning and retention.

For full details, please see the Call for Participation document in the table below.

Honors program contacts should work to secure commitments from campus stakeholders and submit a signed CCSSE data sharing agreement by September 5, 2019 in order to be considered for any possible NCHC grant funds.

CCSSE Consortium FAQ's

Does program size matter, and is our program big enough to join the CCSSE Honors Consortium?

You will probably want to consider program size when deliberating about whether your institution will join the CCSSE Honors Consortium. Smaller programs may benefit less from the potential. If you have a program of 35 students, and if those thirty-five students respond at the regular rate of response for CCSSE, about 75 to 80 percent, then that would be 26-28 students’ worth of data to compare to the rest of your CCSSE respondents. If your honors students have big differences from non-honors students on a given set of survey items, those differences could show up as statistically significant with sample sizes that small, but many people would probably raise doubts about data from samples that small.

If, however, you have a program that is closer to 200 with a likely response rate of 150-160 students to compare to the non-honors students, it may be easier to justify the investment.

For those interested in joining the CCSSE Honors Consortium, please contact consortium coordinator, Dr. Jane Honeycutt, chair of the Research Committee Community College Consortium Working Group.

CCSSE Honors Consortium Working Group

Amanda Bennett, Chattanooga State Community College
Andrew Cognard-Black, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Jane Honeycutt, Northeast State Community College
Irene Petten, Columbus State Community College
Jill Swarner, North Central Texas College
Michaela Tomova, South Florida State College
Eddie Weller, San Jacinto College District