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From the NCHC Board

Member Vote: Preliminary Results

NCHC22: Dallas Giveaway

NCHC22: 10+ Student Discount

Happy Pride Month

100 Acts of Service

2022 Spring Portz Grants

2023 Membership Renewal

Free Virtual Roundtables

Dates and Deadlines

JNCHC Call for Submissions


From the NCHC Board: NCHC National Office Staffing

Dear NCHC Colleagues,

We hope you are well. We want to alert you that the NCHC office has lost two key staff members this past year and currently has a staff of three. The NCHC Board members have met and are diligently working toward addressing staffing issues. We respectfully ask that you are mindful these next months about the number of inquiries and requests you send to the national office. Please understand that we value our members but can currently address only the most time-sensitive requests; we ask for your patience as we take the necessary time to resolve these staffing issues. Board members will be stepping in to help manage email and phone inquiries to the NCHC email address ( and the NCHC phone number (402-472-9150) in the coming weeks.


2022 NCHC Board Members

Suketu Bhavsar, Past President
Victoria Bryan, Professional
Conor Dailey, Student
Susan Dinan, President Elect
Keith Garbutt, Treasurer
Robert Gasperson, Student
Beata Jones, Professional
Lucy Laufe, Professional
George Mariz, Parliamentarian
Christina McIntyre, President
Kris Miller, Professional
Minh Nguyen, Professional
Oluwadamilola (Lola) Oke, Student
Sandra Perez, Professional
Darryl Peterkin, Professional
Kristina Pickering, Student
Carrie Pritchett, Secretary
Daniel Roberts, Professional
Alannah Rosenberg, Professional
Vidya Surti, Student
Eddie Weller, Vice President

2022 Special Member Vote Results

NCHC held a membership-wide vote in late May on changes to the organization's Constitution and Bylaws. Like the national election results, we are anticipating a vote that reflects acceptance of the revisions, but are awaiting further confirmation of the validity and uniqueness of each vote from our auditing body. The unaudited count currently stands at 154 in favor, 13 against suggested changes. More information will be shared soon.



Discover Dallas with NCHC this November!

NCHC is headed to Dallas this November! We're giving away THREE FREE REGISTRATIONS to #NCHC22, and all you have to do to enter is register! On July 1, the first name will be drawn from all registered attendees to receive a free conference registration. 

Registrations must be received by 11:59pm CST on June 30 to be eligible to win. All registrations received by NCHC prior to July 1 are included as eligible for the drawing.

  Two more winners will be drawn on August 1 and September 1; the earlier you register, the more chances you have to win!

PRESENTERS: Don't forget! All NCHC22 presenters must be registered and paid by August 31 to secure your place in the conference schedule.

Register Today


NCHC22 Student Group Discount

Did you know? Institutions bringing 10+ students to the NCHC22 Conference in Dallas can get a significant discount on their group registration! Just complete a Group Registration Form with all the details for your 10+ student attendees, and return it to NCHC's National Office before the Early Bird registration deadline. NCHC Staff will complete your group registration and provide you with a bulk invoice for payment. Round up your traveling crew and register your group today!

 This $350 Early Bird registration rate is open to those registering 10 or more undergraduate-level students currently enrolled in an NCHC Member institution. The Early Bird 10+ Student Group discount may only be used when registering the appropriate group size at once, and will not be applied and/or adjusted if your group ends up qualifying for the 10+ discounted rate after the initial registration. This $350 rate is valid until August 31, 2022, and will increase to the standard rate on September 1, 2022.

June is Pride Month

We are proud to celebrate Pride Month with the LGBTQIA+ community and allies this month! In Dallas this fall, NCHC is partnering with the Resource Center for our opening keynote session, as well as resource workshops throughout the conference. 

The Resource Center's Advocacy Page provides details and resources on ways that individuals can get involved locally in Texas and nationally with transformative education and advocacy, including the national Out for Safe Schools campaign. Learn more on social media at @outforsafeschools and @myresourcectr.

How to Be an Ally Checklist from Out for Safe Schools


100 Acts of Service

Is your honors program or college participating in a service project in 2022? Share details of your project with NCHC to help us celebrate 100 Acts of Service in recognition of 100 Years of Honors!

We are collecting and promoting the many service projects your honors programs and colleges are creating in 2022 - and will highlight 100 of these projects both at the Annual Conference in Dallas and online. This collective will serve as inspiration for successful service projects to be developed in the future, and a tapestry of the beautiful ways honors education inspires students to connect with their peers and the world around them. We're already seeing amazing projects roll in, and can't wait to see yours added to the mix!

To participate, simply fill out the short form at the link below to tell us about your service project - what you're doing and who it benefits, along with a photo or two of your event.

Let's shout from the rooftops in 2022 about all the good work honors does on our campuses and beyond!

Submit Your Service Project


2022 Spring Portz Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2022 Spring Portz Grants! We're excited to see how these grants further the honors experience at your institution. Fall Portz Grant applications will open August 1 and close September 28.


Brady Jones, University of St. Francis
Mini Retreats for Deserving Honors Students at ACRE Artist Residency

"This project aims to provide bright and motivated undergraduates who would not otherwise have the time, space, and resources to devote to their creative intellectual endeavors a chance to participate in a 2 night, 3 day mini-retreat at an established artist residency."


Megan Bailey, The University of Alabama
Presenting Research Posters as an Honors Experiential Learning Opportunity

"As part of the honors curricula at The University of Alabama, UH 329: Beyond the Lab- Truth, Ethics, and Meaning Making in Social Science Research introduces Honors College students to questions of truth, validity, ethics, subjectivity that ground social science. As a summative project, students in the course develop a research proposal for their own qualitative study, which they might implement in their discipline, during graduate education, or as their culminating Honors Capstone Experience. This proposal requests funding for an experiential learning opportunity tied to this final project. This funding request proposes a poster presentation session wherein students in the course might display and present their research proposals to fellow students, faculty, staff, and interested community members."


Eric Mullis, Queens University of Charlotte
Thinking Through Technology

"In the spring of 2022, I introduced a new course—Ethics and Emerging Technologies—into the Honors curriculum at Queens University of Charlotte. The course is innovative in that it allows students to creatively experiment with (and therefore, reverse black-box) the kinds of technologies that frame everyday experience. It bridges theory and practice; putting meat on the bones of philosophy, as it were, by critically considering metaphysical and ethical issues the technologies present." The NCHC Portz Grant funds will support the purchase of additional equipment for this growing course.


Kathryn O'Harra, The University of Alabama
Broadening Conversations and Community via R.A.D.I.A.T.E.S. Initiatives

"The EPIC Scholars Program will be launching a seminar series and book club in Fall 2022, entitled RADIATES, which extends the reach of EPIC and discussions surrounding representation, advocacy, diversity, inclusion, access, transdisciplinarity, equity, and social justice in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), seeking to initiate a “ripple effect” across the broader UA community. This funding will be used to support provision of book copies to participants who may not be able to afford the texts but would like to participate in the RADIATES book club."


2023 Membership Renewal

Exciting things are ahead for NCHC in 2023, and we want you to be a part of it!

If your honors budget is facing a use-it-or-lose-it situation, consider getting a jump-start on your NCHC membership for 2023 with an advanced renewal!

If you would like an invoice for advanced membership renewal, simply email and office staff will generate and send an invoice to you. In the meantime, more information about the Institutional Membership dues structure can be found on our Membership Categories and Dues page.

As a reminder, current memberships does not expire until December 31, 2022.


Thank you for your dedication to NCHC, and for being a part of the national honors community!


NCHC Events: Virtual Roundtables

Sign up for a free Virtual Roundtable in 2022 to dive deep with your NCHC Community!

These free virtual events are presented by NCHC Committees, and available for all in the honors community to participate in! Add these to your calendar today:


Dates and Deadlines

Take note of these upcoming important dates for NCHC members!

June 30

NCHC Student Awards & Scholarships closing:

July 1 NCHC22 Hotel Block Opens
August 31 NCHC22 Presenter Registration and Payment Deadline


Call for JNCHC Submissions

The next issue of JNCHC (deadline: September 1, 2022) invites research essays on any topic of interest to the honors community.

The issue will also include a Forum focused on the theme “Honors Beyond the Liberal Arts,” in which we invite honors educators to examine the NCHC’s exclusion and inclusion of preprofessional honors programs within its community. We invite essays of roughly 1000-2000 words that consider this theme in a practical and/or theoretical context. 
The lead essay for the Forum is by K. Patrick Fazioli of Mercy College. In “Who Owns Honors?” Fazioli points out the historical role of the liberal arts as the cornerstone of honors, starting with the introduction of honors into the United States in the early twentieth century and continuing through and beyond its statement of the Basic Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors Program. He cites evidence in NCHC publications and conference sessions of the minor role within the organization of preprofessional honors programs, and he advocates strategies to increase outreach to such programs. Fazioli acknowledges the arguments that have prevailed over the years for privileging the liberal arts, and he respects the value and often the validity of such arguments. Nevertheless, given the NCHC’s emphasis on inclusion and diversity, the absence of professional programs seems antithetical to its mission. Further, now that the number of preprofessional students is far outnumbering liberal arts majors in American higher education, excluding the professions seems especially short-sighted. He concludes by suggesting strategies for outreach to preprofessional honors programs and students.
Contributors to the Forum on “Honors Beyond the Liberal Arts” may, but are not obliged to, respond directly to Fazioli’s essay. Questions that Forum contributors might consider include:

  • What would be the advantages and/or disadvantages of including a preprofessional track (or tracks) at NCHC conferences?
  • What strategies have your (or other) liberal arts/college-wide honors programs adopted to better serve the unique needs of their preprofessional students?
  • What models have worked successfully on your campus in integrating the humanities, sciences, and professional programs in areas outside of honors, and how might these models be adapted to the context of NCHC?
  • What part, if any, is NCHC playing in how preprofessional honors programs develop their curricula and co-curricular experiences?
  • Do you agree that the NCHC should broaden its focus beyond the liberal arts and, if not, why?
  • Should the NCHC follow the lead of an organization like Phi Beta Kappa, which privileges the liberal arts as a way of awarding them prestige while the professions award status and income?
  • Given the decreasing popularity and status of the humanities in contrast to the dramatic rise of the professions in higher education, should the NCHC acknowledge and reflect this contrast?
  • Is there an inherent difference between university-wide honors programs and disciplinary (including preprofessional) honors programs that justifies a continued focus on the liberal arts in the NCHC?
  • Should honors programs expose all their students to the liberal arts, perhaps especially the humanities, as fully as possible and not dilute them through a shared focus on the professions?
  • What pedagogies and values do preprofessional honors programs share with honors programs that foreground the arts, humanities, and sciences? What are the differences?

Information about JNCHC—including the editorial policy, submission guidelines, guidelines for abstracts and keywords, and a style sheet—is available on the NCHC website.

Please send all submissions to Ada Long at

NCHC journals (JNCHC and HIP) and monographs are included in the following electronic databases: ERIC, EBSCO, Gale Cengage, and UNL Digital Commons. Both journals are listed in Cabell International's Directory of Publishing Opportunities.