NCHC Portz Scholars

NCHC institutional members are invited to nominate one paper per institution written by an undergraduate honors student for the Portz Scholars competition. The four NCHC Portz Scholars will be featured at a plenary session at the NCHC Annual Conference in the fall. In addition, each Scholar receives a $350.00 stipend that will be disbursed at the Conference. The NCHC Portz Fund Committee will pay the Scholar’s conference registration fees, and the nominating institution agrees to make a good faith effort to defray travel expenses of the NCHC Portz Scholar.

The nomination form below, a short abstract, a letter of nomination, and a copy of the completed paper must be submitted electronically.

Eligibility: Submitted papers must be the original work of the nominee, an undergraduate student enrolled in the institution’s honors program/college during at least one semester/quarter of the 2023-2024 academic year. Senior theses for students graduating in May are considered eligible, provided that the nominee can attend the Fall 2024 conference to complete their presentation. Submitted papers have no length requirement or restriction.

2024 NCHC Portz Scholars Nominations

2024 Nominations will open April 1 and close June 7, 2024. Questions should be directed to

Please complete the form below (also found at this link).